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Repossessed Properties in Puerto Rico

We are authorized agents for deShow, which is the division of Banco Popular that disperses its repossessed properties. We are able to show properties and submit offers to the bank.

Purchasing a bank owned property is a similar process to purchasing any other property. Cash offers may close more quickly and be more preferable to the bank, giving the prospective buyer more negotiation power. In the case where more than one offer is submitted for a property, a cash offer may be chosen over a non-cash offer. If the purchase requires financing, the time to close will be the same as for a non-repossessed property, usually 30 to 60 days (depending on the lending institution).

Offers are submitted by an official form through our office via fax. Bank officials meet usually once a week to review submitted offers. Offers are then either accepted, declined or countered. 

To see available properties please click on the link below, then choose the municipality you wish to see. For questions about properties, to set up a showing, or to submit an offer, please contact F. L. Realty directly by email or phone.